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Destro | 16:18 | 21.10.2016: Moin, zockt jemand BF One? Bei Interesse könnt ihr mich bei Origin adden: Destro2508 Gruß
Destro | 18:52 | 18.4.2016: Gruß zurück Sebi. Btw. alles Gute Bubi :D
Sebi | 13:56 | 27.3.2016: Hey, ich wollte kurze Grüße da lassen, war das eine geile Zeit vor ca. 6 Jahren! Viele Grüße an Alle von Damals. Sebi
DevLisH | 16:52 | 12.10.2015: Ist irgendjema nd noch da vom alten cs 1.6 Team error rex etc?
sYn | 10:56 | 17.4.2015: HeyHo :D

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Trackmania und ET-Leagues

So hier mal die Info aus den ET-Leagues News:

Hey folks,
finally we decided about the future of TM2 and Valley at ET and we're proud to announce the upcoming tournaments after the Giant Cups:

a) After the summer break, our first competition will be the Valley Team Championship. It will be a 3vs3 competition played on Valley only, but a shortened season compared to the normal TWL seasons. The ET Map Upload Center is ready for your VTC maps!

b) TM2 World League (TWL) such as TM2 Formula ET (TFET) will -as promised- remain TM2 competitions covering all new environments. Valley will therefore be added to those competitions. In ET's point of view, Stadium is not a new TM2 environment though and will NOT be part of TWL and TFET.

c) The TWL3 will be launched after the short VTC season and be similar to the UL10 league mode, having a home and away leg, so you will face each team both on Canyon and Valley, but there'll be no need to switch the server/title during a match.

d) In parallel to the TWL3, there will be two 1vs1 leagues, which are Canyon only, respectively Valley only, and played on the same maps as the TWL. Players who have only one of the environments can play these leagues as an excerpt of the full TWL map pack. 

e) The TFET3 will take place after the Christmas break, containing Canyon and Valley.

f) Stadium competitions like NC or STC will for now remain on TMN Foreverand considered to switch to TM2 in 2014. The launch date of the next season is still to be defined. Also, we're still searching for motivated TMN admins to get the Stadium competitions managed. Feel free to send an application by mail or PM.

We're looking forward to the upcoming leagues and wish you a nice rest of the summer!
The ET team

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